Pixatimod has emerged as Zucero’s first clinical candidate and is an immunomodulatory agent that engages the innate immune system to destroy cancer.

Through a specific interaction with an innate immune cell called a dendritic cell (DC) pixatimod has been shown to activate natural killer (NK) cells, leading to potent anti-tumour activity in preclinical models of cancer. Depending on the combination regimens, world-class laboratories have independently found that pixatimod

  • enhances the anti-tumour activity of checkpoint inhibitors by increasing the infiltration of T cells and NK cells into tumours.

  • boosts the effect of standard chemotherapy through the inhibition of another innate immune cell called the macrophage.

This coordination of the innate (macrophages, DC, NK cells) and adaptive (T cells) arms of the immune system is now considered vital to increasing the patient response rate to immunotherapies and is driving the search for successful combinations of these important new drugs.