Our mission is to improve and prolong the lives of those suffering from cancer through activation of their immune system to recognize and destroy tumors.


We work collaboratively yet with a clear focus to offer a new treatment approach for many cancer types.

We generate new knowledge and ensure transparency through responsible sharing of our data.

We reconcile our science with those challenges faced by our patients.

We consider how our choices affect patients in everything we do.


Zucero Therapeutics is an Australian-based biotechnology company committed to the discovery and development of modified sugar compounds for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory conditions.

In 2016, Zucero purchased the PG500 Series from TBG Diagnostics Ltd (formerly Progen Pharmaceuticals Ltd). Since then, Zucero has achievement a number of key milestones.


Zucero is unique in developing proprietary sugar-derived molecules for the treatment of cancer and inflammation. Our lead candidate pixatimod (PG545) was originally designed to inhibit heparanase (a protein associated with cancer metastases) but more recently, it was reported to be a potent immunomodulatory agent. These properties differentiate pixatimod from its competitors and offers a novel approach to treat cancer.

The Zucero team believe that our unique scientific approach, coupled with our passion to make a real difference to cancer patients, will provide new opportunities to harness the power of immunotherapy.


Zucero is derived from the Italian word for sugar ‘zucchero’ because pixatimod and its earlier stage compounds are synthetic, chemically-modified sugar molecules - reflecting the innovative approach we’ve taken to modulate the immune system.